Scoring Systems

Product Scoring System

Since C60 is an unregulated market, manufacturers tend to make outlandish claims about their products. So how do you tell what’s actually true and what’s just marketing jargon?

Luckily, there are ways to test many of the claims manufacturers make about their products. Oil type and concentration levels can be measured with the correct instruments, while pricing is easy to compare. These measurements provide us an objective look at how each product ranks against the others.

Oil Type

The type of oil  is critical to the quality of the product. Since you’re ingesting the oil you want to make sure it’s healthy and of the highest quality.


You take C60 products because you want the benefits C60 can potentially provide. This is why it’s important to know just how much C60 you’re getting in a product.

We use laboratory grade instruments to confirm the concentration levels of every product.


You wouldn’t want to pay more for an inferior product, which is why pricing is an important factor for ranking. To provide an objective baseline, prices are determined based on the manufacturer’s website listings since prices on other sites can vary wildly.

Manufacturer Scoring System

C60 is an unregulated market. Because of that it’s important to trust the manufacturer you’re purchasing from.

Our scoring system was designed to show you how trustworthy a manufacturer is. Trustworthiness can’t be measured scientifically, so we used objective data points that we found using Google and each manufacturer’s website.

Physical Address

Any legitimate manufacturer will have a business address. While P.O. Boxes are better than nothing, having an actual office shows that the manufacturer is not a fly-by-night operation.

Phone Number

Hiding a phone number, or not even listing one at all, is a red flag. Even if the product is great, how will you contact them if you have an issue with your order?


While it’s not a dealbreaker for manufacturers to not have a laboratory, it does make you question where and how they’re mixing their C60 products.

Years in Business

C60 has been around for awhile now but it has only recently become popular. This has led to an influx of new manufacturers. Being inexperienced doesn’t equal bad, but experience does count when it involves chemical compounds.

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